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Southerners are known to be great storytellers.

Their tales take many forms from poetry to music to full fledged bound books. The oral ramblings of Jerry Clower’s Delta upbringing to the honky tonk lathered lyrics of B.B. King, the south and it’s culture, mystery and uniqueness are immortalized. But, through the written word of William Alexander Percy, William Faulkner, Shelby Foote, John Grisham, Eudora Welty, countless others have cultivated Southern themed fiction and non-fiction from everyday life and entwined stories that keep us fixated upon each turning page.

Our mission at Thomas Book Publishing, is to continue telling the wonderful stories of Southern writers. Located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta in Cleveland, our goal is to promote the heritage of the South and it’s history through publishing fiction and non-fiction works.

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